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New Zealand



The Cook Islands are largely untouched by tourism. There are no high-rise hotels, no construction higher than a coconut tree, only one main road to follow around each island, a supremely relaxed pace and great value for money.

Rarotonga, the main island and capital, is encircled by white sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons.

Aitutaki, a short flight away, has one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world, fringed by tiny islets.

A favorite stop for whalers in the 1850’s, the British flag was raised in 1888, at which time Aitutaki and Rarotonga were included in the boundaries of New Zealand.

Today, the local currency is still New Zealand Dollars and Cook Islanders are free to travel to and from New Zealand as they wish. There are no chain restaurants and no traffic lights.

Come to experience an untouched paradise, but be sure to give yourself enough time. It takes 2 or 3 days to get to “island time”