South Pacific Explorations

With so much to choose from, the services of Tucson-based travel Specialist Nancy Purdin will ensure you get the most out of your trip. A frequent visitor to the South Pacific, Nancy can make your island travel reservations and guide you to some lesser-known travel treasures of the region. CALL TODAY FOR DETAILS 520.322.6527

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Perennially voted the “Friendliest People in the World”, the Fijians live it up to every single day. The first word you’ll learn is “Bula”, which means good morning, hello, good afternoon, good evening. It’s the friendly Fijian greeting for all occasions.

The second word you’ll probably learn is “Kava”. The Kava Ceremony is a ritual like no other. Kava is made from the root of the pepper tree and is used to welcome visitors as honored guests, christen babies, seal treaties or close business deals.

And adventure awaits! World class diving in the Soft Coral Capital of the world, snorkeling adventures, kayaking, white water rafting, surfing and golf are just some of the many activities you can choose while here…

Or just lay back on the beach for the ultimate in relaxation and romance! You can get married in Fiji too, in a traditional wedding ceremony!.

Over 100 World Class Tropical Resorts

Fiji is made up of over three hundred islands along with more than one hundred resorts to enjoy them! Welcome to paradise! Fiji is a melting pot of various cultures: Melanesian, Polynesian, Indian, European and Chinese, which is reflected in their customs, language, food, architecture and ambiance.