Wine Tasting

New Zealand’s wine producing regions have taken center stage in the world of wine. From Marlborough where fine sauvignon blancs are produced to the Pinot Noir and Riesling masterpieces of Martinborough, you can find a wine to satisfy any palate. Complementing the wines is a wonderful selection of gourmet restaurants that can be found everywhere, from quiet country towns to cosmopolitan cities.
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Accommodations run the gamut from luxury lodges in unique and dramatic settings to holiday parks for your self-drive motorhome. Indulge yourself at world-famous Huka Lodge near Taupo on the North Island or Blanket Bay near Queenstown in the south. • Hotels
• Lodges
• Farm & Home Stays
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Lord of the Rings tours
Experience the majestic beauty of New Zealand and visit the locations that featured in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films. Find Out More

Meeting The Locals

Come to New Zealand to meet the people….friendly, witty, kind and laid-back. Those are just a few of the adjectives that describe Kiwi’s. From the Maori population to the emigrants from England, Scotland and Ireland, you’ll find Kiwi’s are all basically the same. Always ready with a smile and a friendly invitation to enjoy their hospitality first hand. Come experience it for yourself!

People & Culture

Frequently called the “youngest country in the world”, New Zealand was settled only 1,000 years about by the Maori people who came in longboats from a land called Hawaiiki. In 1839 there were only 2,000 white people in New Zealand, but between 1840 and 1860 there was a large influx of mostly British and Irish immigrants. Today, Auckland boasts the largest Polynesian population in any major city and the influence of the British and Maori cultures can be seen everywhere.



Lakes, glacier-carved valleys, and magnificent fjords; from the majestic outline of Mt Cook and the Southern Alps to the beaches, bays and sea life of the Bay of Islands. At no time are you more than 4 hours from a coastline – a coastline like no other on earth. Dramatic landscapes abound. Click here to find out more!


In many ways, it seems the Kiwis invented adventure. Try some of these to start:
• Bungee jumping
• jet-boating
• Zorb & blackwater rafting
• Sea kayak & scuba diving
• Skiing,
• Whale watch, swim with dolphins & absail
Be as adventurous as you want – there’s plenty to keep you busy and adrenaline-charged. Call today and let us arrange your next NZ Adventure


Rugby is more than a sport in New Zealand. It’s a passion. From a country of only 4 million people has emerged the most powerful rugby-playing nation in the world. The All Blacks are the national team and the country’s iconic sports figures. Children start playing rugby at the tender age of 4 and every one strives to become an All Black some day! Rugby can be seen in the smallest of country towns and outposts all over the nation. We can arrange tickets and accomodation for major NZ rugby events, please check with us today.